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History of the



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2008 Building Addition

The addition finally got under way in October 2008, the permits were obtained in 2007, but something always came up and delayed everything. In the meantime , our needs kept growing so the building is now 14ft  X 24ft ; it will have power, lights and access through double doors on the south side and a door into the museum.

In January the roof was put on and two skylights installed. had the double doors in place as well. The spring saw the power installed, insulation and wallboard put up. The space has a loft area for extra storage. The painting of the trim and floors was completed and we moved things inside. The old tent and tarps have been cleaned up and things all tidied up.

The loft or mezzanine has proved very useful, there is a lot of stuff stored up there. We have moved the bench and tool storage shelves and cabinets in the addition, now called the storeroom/workshop.

It is now fairly full, didn't take long and more space will have to be found shortly.

Forms 2 Wall going up 1 IMG_9699 IMG_0008