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History of the



34 Jeep & Trailer 08 062


  Hose Trailer Restoration

The trailer was first used by the Jeep some time in the 1950's. It was left with a tarp over it for many years. The old trailer was in such bad shape, with many holes, rust and pieces cut out of the body over the years that new sheet metal was used in the reconstruction. The old body was removed and the chassis, wheel rims and other parts were sand blasted and given a coat of primer.

Dave Hawkes made a new body at his home and welded it to the chassis, he then rewired it.


Elite Body Shop, 142 Fell Avenue, North Vancouver, BC donated the finish paintjob and we had WVFD logo hand painted on the sides. Rick Titcomb fitted a hose deck of stained oak.

We now have a hose load on the trailer and whole thing looks wonderful...we think it completes the look of the jeep in a parade.

As you can see in the pic below the basic trailer was in awful condition.

Trailer&Rick P1010475 100_0146 April2006 061