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The Goverments decision to reduce the grants to Arts and Heritage groups has affected our society. We did not receive the grant we applied for from the Gaming Commission.

This has come at a truly unfortunately time; all our vehicles are off the road being repaired at this time.

The Willys jeep (34) is having the engine completely overhauled. It started to breakdown during the early summer and after Master Mechanic Dave tried everything from a new carb to a witch doctor, the engine had to be removed and sent for a rebuild.

The 1929 LaFrance (98) is almost ready to go back on the road, but it needs tires, the ones now are thirty plus years old and showing signs of cracking. Tires for this truck are very expensive.

The International (32) broke an axle which means taking the pump out and finding bearings that may not exist any more.

M/M Dave has been a little grumpy as you can imagine; now with the news that we will not get our gaming grant.....well, you can guess how he feels, how we all feel.


It has been a disappointing year for us all.




Hard Times Ahead for Arts and Heritage Groups.