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A lot of time is spent sorting and dealing with our 'recycleables fund raising programme'. There had to be a place to store these bottles, cans etc in between taking them to the recycle depot. Rick designe a shed like addition attached to the south side of the building. It fits with museum with the same roof and siding and is big enough to hold a sorting table and some selves to store crates etc. It is open at either end but has simple lattice doors for security.

2020  ADD ON

The idea of covering this part of the side yard came from a need for more storage. It is a glass roof covered area of approx. 175 sq.ft. Rick Titcomb (president and builder) wanted something that wasn't tacked on but looked right and was built to code. The finished cover looks very good.

It is to be used to store items that are seldom used but need to be kept. For example, we have a custom made gas generator that was used as the back-up power at the old Horse Shoe Bay fire station for many years and saw service as an emergency back-up for a major power outrage at Lions Gate Hospital.

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