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The recent snowfall has collapsed the temporary structure at the Museum Building. The structure was totally destroyed, causing damage to some of our stored items.

In the structure we had the recently restored jeep hose trailer and the generator, both were slightly damaged and have been moved to safety in the Museum. We will have to wait for the thaw before being able to see what else was harmed.    

The worry now is water damage.

A small crew of brave and hardy souls worked to-day (December 27th.) on clearing as much snow as possible to make the site safe.


The first on the scene saw the tent flattened and a door

(stored for use later) sticking up from what was once the roof.


The new addition has a temporary roof but was in good shape (Thanks Rick and Dave).

Snow Damage






Feb 2009

 Tom Bell has decided to give up the job of President - Tom says he needs some time away from  

 the job for a while so VP Rick Titcomb will be president until the next Annual General Meeting in

 November '   09.


 We are happy to tell every one that Tom will remain active in the society and will be at the building

 most Mondays as usual.


 Every one hopes Tom will be back in a leadership role sooner than later. He will be missed - he  

 started this society and has been it's heart and soul for 25 years.  The change over took place

 Monday 18th.

Tom Bell to take a Break

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