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La France Gas Tank




With the help of Rick Titcombs friends, Paul Carter and Peter Trant we were able to get both problems solved. Paul and Peter completely rebuilt the water pump with a new shaft and packing. It’s now better than new.

 The gas tank required a little ingenuity from us and advice from Peter and Paul. The gas tank was removed and brought to the building. A marvelous Rube Goldberg type frame was made by Rick that held the tank, protected by carpet; the tank was filled with small sharp clean pebbles and rotated; powered by a cement mixer. After an hour or so of incredibly loud spinning, the rocks were removed and so was most of the rust. The next step was to wash the tank with soap and water then an acid was swished  around quickly followed by baking soda and water. After the tank was dry, we coated the inside with a commercial liquid liner and the tank is now back on ‘old 98’.


Making a Clean Start


Old 98 gets the rust out of its gas tank and a water leak plugged

Jan 2007 026 98-Gas Tank Reline Jan 2007 024

                                                             Special thanks to Peter Trant, Paul Carter for their invaluable help and Rick Titcomb, Robbie Davidson and Howie Moody for making it happen.

For the past few years whenever we took the 1929 LaFrance (0ld 98) anywhere, the driver has had to take five gallons of water plus a spare gas filter. .

The problem with the clogged gas filters was rust in the tank; the water leak was due to improperly installed packing in the water pump. The water leak was so bad that it would drain the radiator in a few hours! It was quite embarrassing to have twenty people come up and tell you there’s water pouring out from under the truck



















   Rick and Fred Titcomb watch as the cement mixer drives the Jig

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