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History of the



Looking for a Home Cont'd.

The directors came to the conclusion we should try to pick onr of the following to pursue 'with vigor'. Nothing panned out and we were seriously considering disolving the Society and going fishing. The #4 Fire Hall location came along just in time.



Not in any particular order


 #1-------#4 Fire Hall--- Remodeling the top of #4 Fire Hall, an idea first presented by Chief Olson, is very promising. There would be enough room to store our vehicles and most of our archival material. Security and maintenance (cold and dampness) would not be a problem. With careful planning enough room could be found to complete ongoing projects and offer tours to interested parties. Ideally, this location would work best if there was another site in the Municipality, for example a West Vancouver Museum capable of displaying vehicles. Storage and work at the #4 Fire Hall site and display elsewhere.


 #2-------#2 Fire Hall---Attached to a new Horseshoe Bay fire hall, we believe that our Museum would  be an attraction in the area and a source of pride to all West Vancouverites. With the building of the new hall we have an opportunity to add space for the archives at minimal cost.


 #3------Cypress Bowl Road ---Proposed new training ground.--- With this plan there are still a few things not decided; the society is assuming that there will be a training site at this location and that there will be permanent buildings erected. If everything goes according to plan we could have an attractive addition to the training facility at a minimum of cost. With the amount of traffic, both winter and summer, on Cypress Bowl Road this could be a very desirable site



Not in any particular order


 #1----- Ambleside - Changing Rooms—This high profile site is most desirable; however the Society is concerned about the condition of the building (new construction likely required) and security.


 #2----- Klahanie Park—Has great potential to meet all our future needs, and lends itself to a multi-purpose building. The building could be used for a day care centre or a municipal meeting room.  The disadvantages are high cost and public access.


 #3-----Hugo Ray Park---This would be a desirable location, we could erect a building similar to those already in the Park. The building could be of a size suitable for storage and display. The location of the park is a concern because it is not as accessible as we would like.



Not in any particular order


 #1-----Klee Wyck Estate--- We would like explore the possibilities of using this site for our Museum, as the Arts Council may be relocating to a new arts centre on Inglewood Ave.


 #2-----Argyle Avenue - Water Front - 1700 blk.---This location was first suggested to us by Terry Lester as a Police/Fire Museum in 1990. This Building was to be one of the ‘ Nodes of Interest’ that was being considered for the water front at that time. We would like to revive the idea.


  #3------Ambleside Landing—There has been talk of a heritage development in the general    area of 14th St. and the waterfront for some time. If such an enterprise were ever to happen the F/f’s Archive Society would want to take part. A Municipal Museum, featuring the Police, Fire and Blue Bus histories has been mentioned; perhaps along side the Ferry Building. This idea has great possibilities for both our Society and West Vancouver. The Society may still have storage problems with this plan, as a building in keeping with the Ferry Building (either added to or alongside) could not be very large.





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