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The latest news,  is the affect COVID19 is having on us all. Here at the museum some of  

the reguler volunteers have decided to self isolate and stay away from the museum temporarily;   while some are coming on another day when it's quieter. But, there are enough brave souls around to keep the doors open on Mondays, you can still visit but maintain social distancing and common sense.



I.C.B.C.  and the LaFrance.........


The latest project completed is the making of a tool and equipment box for our wooden hose reel. The original box went missing a long time ago, and the hose reel needed the box to complete it. The box is made from wood and hand painted by Rick and Ed, it looks like a professional sign painter did it!


IMG_1764 IMG_1763

Tool Box Made & Painted

ICBC Damage 1

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We will have to call 2019 “the year of the LaFrance”. So much attention and time was given to the truck for various reasons. We had finished the plating finally and were proudly on our way to a joint police and fire event on 16th Street in West Van when an accident occurred involving #98 and the truck’s fender was damaged.


Unfortunately the steering was compromised and the truck had to be towed back to the museum. To make a long story short, ICBC came to the museum and okayed the repairs. They also said we should replace a tire that had received a small nick.


The truck was towed to Down Time Repairs in Langley, this shop specializes in vintage vehicles. We had the truck back by the end of August 2019 and ICBC paid approx. $6,300.00, that included some bodywork, nickel re- plating, gold leaf work and $2,000 for a new tire.

While the vehicle was out at Down Time Repairs we had them check the truck over, they repaired some leaks and such but were unable to properly fix our ongoing steering problem. They did make a temporary repair but the steering box casing needs replacing and apparently they are rarer than hen’s teeth. The truck looks fantastic and the steering works and as soon as we have a steering box it will be installed.