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Visit from an Old Friend

Monday -1st November 2008

Captain Joe Callegari Ret'd, visited the mus. building and donated a fine vintage fire helmet for our collection. Joe visited for a while and then went on to have lunch with all the retirees at Cheers Restaurant in N.Van.

wvwebsitetopper_02 Joe Callegari

Captain Joe presentling President Tom Bell with helment


 Mayor Pamela Goldsmith-Jones and the new councillers visited the museum on

 Tuesday 9th. December. The Mayor, and councillors Michael Evison, Michael

 Lewis and Trish Panz stayed for a long visit and seemed interested in our projects.

First Corporate Sponser for '09

 Pacific West Tree Service Inc.of North Vancouver has joined our society as a  

 corporate sponser Owner Doug Buckle is retired from WVFD and has been a

 great help to us over the years & has served the society as a director.

 We are pleased to welcome PACIFIC WEST TREE SERVICE aboard!




With great sadness we report that   Captain Joe Callegari  passed away peacefully on January 12, 2009


It was decided at the 2008 Annual General Meeting that the directors position of Sec/Treas. shall be split. Peter Cherry is now the Director/Treasurer and Howard Moody is the Director/ Sectretary                                                                                Nov/08