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History of the





Nickel Plating Project  2017

Ever since a group of us took our three vintage trucks to Victoria for the Fire Bells and Fanfare Muster and Parade and we saw so many beautiful fire trucks restored back to their original nickel finish - we have wanted to restore ‘old 98’ to it’s former,and original glory. To be fair, not everyone thought it was a good idea but now they like the finished product. The truck is a lot easier to keep clean and people like me don’t lose their rag when someone touches the brass.

The next step is more difficult, taking the steering column apart and out for plating. We would like to thank the West Vancouver Community Grant Programme for there generous support in this project.

Without the grant money it would have taken forever to complete this project.

Over the next two years (2017-2019) the members all the brass was plated back to the original nickel and some parts that had been painted were restored back to nickel, front bumpers for example.

This was a major project for our society to take on and the members really gave a super effort to get it completed in the spring of 2019





All the grant money for the plating was spent. Its was an incredible amount of work to to remove the parts, do repairs, get them to and from the platers and finally reinstall them and with the horn and lamp, they both had to be rewired. The Truck looks wonderful, if you get a chance come by and take a look.

We used some of the money from donations and had the siren and some damaged parts on the Willys Jeep Fire Truck chrome plated, back to its original glory. That’s all the plating for a while...we hope

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Re - Plating the LaFrance