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History of the



Bickle-Seagrave Fundraiser

In the spring of 2008 we obtained a rusted hulk that was once a 1953 Bickle-Seagrave Fire Pumper. Our intention was to salvage as much of the fittings, hose etc as we could, then scrap it. The truck was donated to us by Sussex Insurance of North Vancouver and had been stored outside for 18 years - it was in awful condition. We got it inside and stripped the port caps for our '49 International pumper, some of the fire hose from the bottom of the bed was of use, the ladders for future restoration and assorted fittings etc. were saved. The brass and copper was separated from the truck and all of it went to the scrapyard.

After the haulage, legal transfers and documentation was all paid for the Society raised nearly $2,700.00 on the effort.

Special thanks to Dave Hawkes for his hard work!

#6-Dave on Seagrave Rick Titcomb & Dave Hawkes RS Some of the booty from Seagrave RS Rick with brass pump from Seagrave RS

Rick with the solid brass pump just pulled from the Seagrave

Dave & Rick dicussing if it will start?

Some of the parts and fittings that were salvaged

Dave Hawkes working on the Seagrave