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History of the



The Great Snowfall 0f 1965

The snowfall of January 2009 falls short of what we received in 1965.  We had four feet to six feet and higher in where it drifted. There was a photograph in the Vancouver Sun showing the street sign at Crestline and Henlow Roads (top of the British Properties) with only the top two feet showing above the snow!

This was before we had a fire station on Cross Creek Road. To save time responding in those extreme conditions, Fire Chief Flint McKim borrowed a fire truck from the Provincial Fire Marshall’s Office. Chief McKim stationed the truck at the top of the British Properties. Mr. Marv Wilson offered his driveway, in front of his home at 1042 Eyremount to park the truck and his basement rec. room to billet the three man crew. From January 3rd to January 12th there was a three man day shift and night shift. Each shift was made up with one professional fire fighter and two volunteer fire fighters


The day shift had the task of locating and digging out the fire hydrants and marking them with a bamboo pole.

Several flat roof homes were damaged when the snow started melting.

The following fire fighters made up the shifts.


 Professional                                  Volunteer                                                 

Les Butler                                      Cecil Bean

Joe Callegari                                  Peter Cherry

Tom Fleming                                  Lorne Colpitts

Ron James                                     Bas Collins

Joe Libicz                                       Bert Galpin

Art Ridley                                         Ron Grisdale

Gerry McDowell                              Jim Hewitt

Ken Tiderington                              Floyd Hill

Bob Tocher                                     Al Jamieson

Bill Weeks                                       Marty Link

                                                        Mel McMullen

                                                        Al Swanson

                                                        Dave Swanson                        

                                                        Barry Webber

Temp1.4 Hall RS

“Signs never lie, and the sign on the carport of Marvin Wilson clearly reads ‘No. 4 Fire Hall.’ The Wilson’s residence at 1042 Eyermount in West Vancouver was selected as an emergency fire hall because of it’s convenience – half way up the mountain.

West Vancouver firemen poised for any emergency are Lorne Colpitts, Bill weeks and Jim Hewitt.”                                  

                                                                                                                           The Vancouver Sun Newspaper