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History of the



Fire Department History  Cont'd.


Hired Mechanic and 4 men firefighters - November 19. Fire chiefT.B.F. McKim leaves.

November 19 - April 1, 1969 - Chief W. Galpin, Acting Chief.

Fire Hall No. 3 staffed with 2 firefighters during the day only.

Purchased #41 and #42.

Hired five firefighters.

Also in 1968 - After two seasons on television, ABC-TV aired the last episode of "Batman", starring Adam West and Burt Ward. The first "Batman" episode, airing on January 12, 1966, was called "Hi Diddle Riddle" and cost cost $300,000 to make.


April 1 - Fire Chief R. Chandler was appointed.

Creation of Fire Prevention Office.

Also in 1969 - Less than a month after winning her first horse race, Barbara Jo Rubin became the first female jockey to win a race at Aqueduct Race Course in New York, after riding Brave Galaxy to the winner’s circle.


Hired 17 firefighters.

Purchased #43.

Opened No. 4 Fire Hall in British Properties (current building).

Fire Hall No. 3 staffed on night shift.


Hired one firefighter.

Purchased #44, #32 and #35.


Hired three ffirefighters.

#45 - Ambulance donated by Mr. Bull.

Also in 1972 - The Cincinnati Royals announced their intentions to move the National Basketball Association franchise to Kansas City, Missouri. The Kansas City Royals baseball team was already there, so the basketball team became the Kings.


Hired 10 firefighters.

Purchased #37, new Fire Chief's car.