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History of the





March 32009

Tues. Jan. 2nd 1973

Time :-11.37am

5490 Green Leaf Rd.

Owner – D. Rose (Ex. Dist. Chief)

Dryer Fire

Volunteers – Wally Ford


Sat. Mar. 24th.

Time : 1.45am

MVA   4710 Caulfield Dr.

Hit and run car accident – one person injured

 – head wound – D. Lewis attending

Volunteers                  Regulars

W. Ford                      G. Harrington

M. Arnott                    G. Sheils

G. Wideman

B. Wright

D. Len

B. Caravan


Thur. July 12th.

Time : ?

Inhalator call to 4753 Pilot House Lane

Volunteers - Bill Wrigh

March 22009

1973  Midwest Volunter Fire Brigade

In 1973 the Midwest area of West VancouverHere is more commonly known Caulfield.

Here are two examples from the log book for the Caulfield area in 1973.


August 7th

Time : 10:30 am

Bush Fire – McKecknie Park


D. Lewis

B. Marette

W. Waight


Wed. 31st. October  (All Hallows Eve)

Time : 20:52

4201 Rockridge

Shack on Fire – Complete Loss


W. Ford; G. Yukura

W. Caravan; G. Wideman

D. Lewis and D. Fieldwalker

Excerpts from the Caulfield (Midwest) Log Book