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History of the




March 32009

Excerpts from the Caulfield Area

log book


Tues. Jan. 2nd 1973

Time :-11.37am

5490 Green Leaf Rd.

Owner – D. Rose (Ex. Dist. Chief)

Dryer Fire

Volunteers – Wally Ford


Sat. Mar. 24th.

Time : 1.45am

MVA   4710 Caulfield Dr.

Hit and run car accident – one person injured

 – head wound – D. Lewis attending

Volunteers                  Regulars

W. Ford                      G. Harrington

M. Arnott                    G. Sheils

G. Wideman

B. Wright

D. Len

B. Caravan


Thur. July 12th.

Time : ?

Inhalator call to 4753 Pilot House Lane

Volunteers - Bill Wrigh

March 22009



Midwest Volunter Fire Brigade

Here is an example from the log book for the Caulfield area in 1973.


August 7th

Time : 10:30 am

Bush Fire – McKecknie Park


D. Lewis

B. Marette

W. Waight


Wed. 31st. October  (All Hallows Eve)

Time : 20:52

4201 Rockridge

Shack on Fire – Complete Loss


W. Ford; G. Yukura

W. Caravan; G. Wideman

D. Lewis and D. Fieldwalker